What is Alliance Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

ALLIANCE DPC is a membership-based relationship with your primary care physician that includes access to a network of independent providers offering major discounts on labs, imaging, medications, physical therapy and more. For $69 a month (Adults 22 to 64 years old), you’ll receive excellent care from a board certified family physician, as well as access to our network of discounted services. Thanks to transparent pricing, you’ll know the cost of other services ahead of time.

Our Primary Care Plan can be used alone, or combined with a catastrophic insurance policy for optimal coverage. Over time, you can save thousands of dollars on your healthcare costs by moving away from expensive PPO insurance plans.

By choosing ALLIANCE DPC, your patient-centered home will be more affordable than ever. The practice is limiting the number of new members, so call us and let us tell you how you can become part of the ALLIANCE DPC family.


ALLIANCE DPC is Not Health Insurance.

It is a premiere membership-based relationship between your physician and you. It is a pre-paid package of health care services plus access to a network of services. You don’t need a Social Security Number to become a Member.


How can this be so inexpensive?

Without having to interact with health insurance companies, we are able to drastically reduce our cost of providing care. We have arranged for deep discounts through our preferred lab and imaging partners. You are no longer paying the middle-man insurance company’s salaries.